concordance: Product Concordance


A set of utilities for matching products in different classification codes used in international trade research. It supports concordance between the Harmonized System (HS0, HS1, HS2, HS3, HS4, HS5, HS6, HS combined), the Standard International Trade Classification (SITC1, SITC2, SITC3, SITC4), the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS 2002, 2007, 2012, 2017, combined), as well as the Broad Economic Categories (BEC4), the International Standard of Industrial Classification (ISIC2, ISIC3, ISIC3.1, ISIC4), and the Standard Industrial Classification (SIC). It also provides code nomenclature/descriptions look-up, product code look-up based on user-specified keywords, Rauch classification look-up (via concordance to SITC2), trade elasticity look-up (via concordance to HS0 or SITC3 codes), upstreamness/downstreamness look-up (via concordance to ISIC3 and NAICS codes), and intermediateness look-up (via product descriptions).

Steven Liao
Steven Liao
Assistant Professor of Political Science
In Song Kim
Associate Professor of Political Science
Sayumi Miyano
Ph.D. Candidate, Department of Politics
Hao Zhang
Ph.D. Candidate, Department of Political Science